Build-a-Business is the brainchild of two business partners, Rebecca Spiller and Helena (soon-to-be) Marshall. The pair have been working together since February 2016, although both have their own experience in running businesses and digital marketing since 2012. The idea for Build-a-Business came when they were looking for information on commercial conveyancing along with other useful information on setting up a partnership. It seemed as though finding all of the right information to start a business, in one place, was almost impossible. Sure, there are plenty of sites that offer advice and guides, but they seemed few and far between. Plus, they’d only focus on specifics – such as sales, marketing or taxes.

Everything You Need to Know

Build-a-Business has been designed for startup and SME owners, who want to find out everything they need to know about building a business – no experience necessary! Here business owners can learn how to start a business from scratch, including business and marketing plans, market research, branding, and even creating a website. We then go into the nitty gritty on topics such as sales, marketing, legalities, insurances, finances, and a whole lot more. Finally, we have our inspiration section which is filled with positive stories guaranteed to make you want to quit thinking and start doing.

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