The 20 Richest Women in the World and Their Secrets to Success


Susanne Klatten Richest Women

Susanne Klatten – $19.4b

Susanne Klatten is another German businesswoman to make our list, and she is widely regarded as the 4th richest person in Germany! A net worth of $19.4 billion is enough to make her the envy of many business owners and entrepreneurs all across the world. But we don’t suppose that will bother her at all! Klatten began her business career in the pharmaceutical industry after her father bequeathed her his 50.1% stake in Altana. He also left her a 12.5% stake in German automobile giants BMW, and she owns an 8% stake in SGL.


Maria Franca Fissolo – $22.6b

We enter our top five now, with an appearance from Italian billionaire Maria Franca Fissolo. She is lives in Monaco and certainly has the bank balance to go with it. Her $22.6 billion net worth comes from the famed chocolate company Ferrero Rocher. Indeed, Maria’s late husband was famous Italian entrepreneur and chocolatier Michele Ferrero. He was the owner of Ferrero SpA up until his death, and Maria inherited his stake in the business. The company is the second-largest confectionery business in Europe, specialising in classics like Ferrero Rachel, Nutella, and Kinder chocolate.


Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler – $25.9b

Maria-Elisabeth was married to Georg Schaeffler until his death in 1996. Along with Georg, she owned the Schaeffler Group, a company responsible for producing rolling bearings. The company is considered one of the most successful in the world, and Maria-Elisabeth now carries on her husband’s good work with the business. She has led a number of acquisitions since her time in charge of the company, and its annual turnover has increased rapidly. She has also brought in her son Georg F. W. Schaeffler as an owner too to help her out. This is certainly a woman who knows business and can make anything into a success.


Jacqueline Mars – $32.5b

Jacqueline Mars is probably a name you recognise, especially if you like chocolate! The American heiress and investor has achieved global prominence due to her stake in internationally successful candy company Mars, Incorporated. Jacqueline has a personal fortune of around $32.5 billion and regularly makes it inside lists of the 20 richest people in America. Along with her brothers, she owns a share of the successful company her grandfather founded. She’s also pretty inspirational too, saying “A sustainable world means working together to create prosperity for all.” Amen Jacqueline, Amen.


Alice Walton – $33.7b

Alice Walton has a personal net fortune of $33.7 billion, and she’s not even number one on our list! We’re pretty sure that won’t bother her one bit, though! The Wal-Mart heiress is among the most successful, influential, and powerful people in the business world. Often seen as a maverick who bucks the rules and plays with people’s perceptions, Alice Walton is one of the great American entrepreneurs of all time. As the second wealthiest woman on Earth, she is a pretty amazing role model for young people entering the business world everywhere. An art enthusiast, Alice is also involved with a number of museums and is currently in the process of developing one of her own too.


Liliane Bettencourt – $37b

French socialite Liliane Bettencourt has the honour of holding the mantle as the richest woman in the world right now. In fact, she’s the richest woman ever in history, and that’s a pretty stunning achievement. So, where has she amassed her staggering $37 billion from? Well, it’s predominantly been from becoming the principal shareholder of the L’Oreal cosmetics company. Judging by how popular cosmetics are these days, we can’t say we’re surprised by that. She leaves us with this wonderful wisdom, “Intelligence is the ability to see the views of others.”

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