Christmas Gift Ideas For Clients


Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

Clients are vital to your business, and it’s important to show them how much you appreciate them. Coming up with Christmas gift ideas that are genuine and thoughtful, rather than cliche or predictable, can be difficult. The better the gift is, the more likely the client is to remember it and, as a result, your business. It’s important to note that “better” doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive – as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. Personal gifts that show an understanding of the client will always make more of an impact than generic presents. Keep reading for Christmas gift ideas suitable for a variety of clients over the festive period.

For the Festive Party-Goer

Does your client view Christmas as the ultimate party season? If so, help them to get the celebrations started with a personalised wine bottle. Bottles of wine are a very standard Christmas gift, so make yours stand out by adding a personal touch. Websites such as offer a broad range of personalised wine bottles and include a corporate gift option if you’re buying for a lot of clients. Alternatively, why not print your company logo onto the label? That way every time they reach for the bottle, they’ll be reminded of your company.

If your client prefers a different alcoholic beverage, or if you feel wine just won’t cut it, why not get them an engraved whiskey decanter? Refined and personal, an engraved decanter is a gift they can keep for many Christmases to come.

For the Long-Distance Client

Do you have clients travelling long distances to meet you? If so, why not help them to pass the time with a Kindle? Kindles are fantastic gifts as they give your client the chance to keep all of their books on one device and provide entertainment for their long journeys. Show them how much you appreciate them travelling with a Christmas gift that is bound to become one of their new favourite devices. Also, Amazon offers a corporate bundle if you are buying for a few clients at a time.

For the Serious Business Person

If your client is someone that never stops working and practically lives at their desk, then buying them some personalised desk accessories may be the way to go. Useful, professional, and memorable, an engraved pen or a personalised notebook is a great way of showing your client that you know them. If stationery seems a bit too obvious, then perhaps buy them a business card holder or wallet embossed with their name or initials.

For the Health Addict

You don’t have to be a fitness or health company to buy your clients a healthy gift. Regardless of if you’re partial to the odd biscuit or five in the office, if you know your client is into healthy eating then buying them sweets or chocolate may not be the best way to go. Instead, why not buy them a year’s membership (or a trial period) to Graze box? They’ll have delicious, healthy snacks delivered to their front door and think of your company every time the box arrives!

For the Thrill-Seeker

Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for every client can be difficult. Sometimes, you may have a client that prefers making memories over unwrapping presents. If this is the case, why not buy them an experience? There are so many ways to buy days out for people, ranging from spa trips, to river cruises, to bungee jumping. Buy them an experience they’ll never forget, and they’ll always associate the memory with your business!

For the Animal Lover

Perhaps your business is animal-related, or perhaps you just have a client that you know absolutely adores their dog. Show them that you know them and have listened to their interests by buying them a Christmas gift for their pet. This could be a Christmas toy or some festive treats, or maybe even a subscription to a monthly pet box, such as Pawsome Box.

For the Charity Worker

Do you have a client that you know gives up their weekends to work for a charity? If so, you could make a donation to the charity that they are involved with this Christmas. This is a generous and considerate gift that will show that you understand your client and have listened to their interests and passions, and such a personal gift will no doubt help them to remember your business.

So there you have it; a selection of Christmas gift ideas that are personal, professional and memorable for all of your clients this festive season.

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