The Top 25 Richest People in the World (And How They Made Their Billions)


Sergey Brin Richest People

Jack Ma – $35.7b

Chinese business magnate Jack Ma has a net worth of $35.7 billion, making him one of the world’s wealthiest people. The former lecturer is the first Chinese business magnate to appear on the cover of Forbes magazine. He generated his wealth from the business world and the internet and is Chairman of the wildly successful company Alibaba Group. Ma is one of those inspirational business stories due to his hard work and motivation to reach the top. After graduating, he applied for 30 jobs and was rejected by all. He was even turned down by KFC, and applied for Harvard 10 times and got rejected. Against all the odds, Ma has had the last laugh and is now one of the richest people on the planet.


Liliane Bettencourt – $37b

French heiress, businesswoman, and entrepreneur Liliane Bettencourt is officially the richest woman on the planet right now. The socialite is best-known for being the biggest shareholders of the L’Oreal beauty empire. The cosmetics industry has become huge over the past decade, and Liliane has seen her wealth increase a lot in that time. She has been embroiled in many legal entanglements with members of her family and was forced to resign from the board of L’Oreal in 2012. Despite this, she remains one of the wealthiest people in the world, and we’d imagine she’s okay with that!


Bernard Arnault – $40.7b

Bernard Arnault’s name is one associated with luxury, and that’s just what you would expect from the CEO of LVMH. The company prides itself on being the world’s largest luxury goods company. Frenchman Bernard is also the Chairman of Christian Dior and has invested in a lot of successful businesses, notably Netflix in 1999. Arnault has had many successful business ventures over the years that have helped to make him one of the world’s richest people. Incredibly, since 2010, his shares in LVMH has skyrocketed, and his fortune grew by well over $10 billion in the process! He has also entered the luxury yacht business, acquiring Princess Yachts for over €250 million.


Sergey Brin – $41.8b

You may not be familiar with Sergey Brin, but he has changed your life more than you could imagine. In fact, we’d be willing to bet his influence is felt in your life every day. The computer scientist is, of course, the co-founder of Google, along with friend and business partner Larry Page. The huge success of Google has made Brin one of the richest people on the planet. He has also invested in a space travel company called Space Adventures, Tesla Motors, and he’s become heavily involved in research for Parkinson’s disease.


Larry Page – $42.7b

The other genius behind Google is Sergey’s partner Larry Page. He boasts a staggering net worth of $42.7 billion, and this is climbing each year! Larry is the Chief Executive Officer of Google, as well as CEO of Alphabet. Page also invented Google’s search algorithm known as PageRank. He has also entered the real estate market in recent years, investing in homes that use renewable energy. This could have something to do with his personal fortune being slightly higher than his business partner. Also, like Brin, Larry is also an investor in Tesla Motors, the company that produces environmentally-friendly hybrid cars.


Ingvar Kamprad – $42.8b

Swedish business heavyweight Kamprad is the founder of successful Swedish furniture company IKEA. The 90-year-old has built his huge fortune from the ground up and is one of the most influential figures in the modern business world. The continued success of IKEA has netted Ingvar close to $43 billion in his career to date. He started from humble beginnings and has developed his empire over time, and for this, he should be revered. He is one of the more reclusive and low-profile business owners, but that hasn’t curtailed his success in any way.


Michael Bloomberg – $45.3b

American businessman and entrepreneur Michael is one of the world’s richest people, with a personal fortune of over $45 billion. He has amassed almost all of this from found Bloomberg LP, a financial services and mass media company. After graduating Harvard with an MBA, Bloomberg was quick to make his mark in the business world. Bloomberg LP Has expanded into other areas in recent years and has made the foray into media with Bloomberg News. Michael has shown his philanthropy by donating around $1.8 billion to 850 charities in his career. What a guy.


Larry Ellison – $45.5

Computers are where the money is these days, so it seems. Larry Ellison is another businessman who has made an absolute killing from his association with computers. He is the co-founder of multinational computer technology company Oracle Corporation. Ellison served as CEO until late 2014 and is the highest paid executive in the United States. He has also amassed a small fortune from Netsuite, the web business software, and he owns lots of Malibu beach-front property. He is a keen tennis fan and owns the Indian Wells Masters tournament in 2009.

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