The Best Productivity Apps for Business Owners


The Best Productivity Apps for Business Owners
Business owners across the land know the importance of staying productive and keeping the company running. One of the big problems we all face is how we can keep the business as productive as possible. The good news is that there is plenty of technology around these days to help you run a more productive company. So, here are some of the best productivity apps you can implement to help your business thrive and grow.


Dropbox is one of the best and most useful productivity apps out there for anyone running a business. It provides the perfect opportunity to save and store pertinent business information in a secure fashion. The file sharing software is second to none, and, one of the strengths of it is that it is so easy to sync across all devices and platforms. The best thing about Dropbox is the fact that it makes everything so simple. No matter what you need to do to keep the company ticking over, Dropbox gives you the chance to do that.


Honestly, TeamViewer is one of the coolest apps we’ve heard of, and is about to revolutionise the way you do business! TeamViewer is one of those apps that allows you to access your computer at home using your mobile phone! Think about it, you’re sat the station just getting on the train, and you realise you’ve forgotten to send that important file for the business meeting later. What do you do? Don’t despair for starters. And just download TeamViewer. You’ll be able to use the productivity app to log onto your PC at home, access documents and email them all through your mobile. Out of this world!


It’s always important in the business world to be able to take notes and record important information. That’s why apps like Evernote are worth their weight in gold these days. The product is the pinnacle of note-taking business apps and allows you to transition between your computer and your mobile device with no problems whatsoever. All your pertinent information can be held on here and used to store and keep track of things safely. Evernote has developed a lot as a company in the past few years, and this is something you really have to make sure you add to the company’s arsenal.


One of the biggest things business owners have to deal with on a daily basis is emails. Think about how many times you have to check, send and read emails on a daily basis. Using the cross-platform app that is HipChat allows for you to customise the types of messages you send. You can do private or group messaging with consummate ease, and the pricing is highly attractive for a product this good. You can cut down on the number of emails you’re sending as a business by making sure you set up group chats and discussions. HipChat is going to make your daily working life so much easier.


This is another amazing app in a similar vein to TeamViewer. LogMeIn allows you to log into your computer at home as though you were sitting right in front of it. You can access all the information from your phone or tablet. This is so useful for those busy entrepreneurs who may forget to send documents or might need to recall something at a moment’s notice. The biggest strength of this app is that it allows you to Access important files remotely when you’re away on business trips. This is one of the absolute must-have productivity apps for any business owner.


Improving productivity in the company is all about how well you manage your staff and your workload. And sometimes you have to make sure you have an app to help you do this. Well, say hello to Producteev. This free task management app will help you to organise and arrange tasks for teams or individuals, and sort out your own privacy settings. Thou can customise every aspect of the app to suit your business needs, and you can use it to turn emails into tasks. No modern business would be complete without an app like this.


Another huge factor in keeping productivity levels high is time management. This is where many business owners fall down and make mistakes. So, it’s important to ensure that you do all you can to manage time effectively and efficiently. And we’ve got just the app to help you achieve this. 30/30 is the perfect app for helping you manage time; it works like a timer that you can customise to suit your working routine. This helps keep things more regimented and will help you to improve your work rate and productivity.


What they don’t tell you as a business owner, is the issues with sorting out your own pay. You are no longer going to be able to rely on sitting back and having wages hit your account every month. Now you’re going to have to be proactive and sort them out yourself. Trying to sort out invoices yourself can be a pain in the backside, and that’s why it’s so great to use apps like OfficeTime. It’s one of the best productivity apps on the market because it helps you to sort out your invoices and organise reports and billable hours. Reap the benefits today by downloading this life-changing app right now.


Time tracking is another huge positive when trying to make the company more productive. And, as productivity apps go, Toggle is one of the most popular ones around tag the moment. Business owners throughout the world are using this precedent-setting app to track the time of themselves and their employees. It helps you keep track of what you and your staff do on a daily basis, and help you become more efficient. Sometimes the business isn’t running quite as well as we think, and this is a wonderful way of fixing that.

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