How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Your Business


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Wholesale suppliers… Find a good one and you’re pretty much set with your new business. Well, sort of. There are plenty of other things to think about when starting a new venture, but at least when you find your soulmate of a wholesaler, then the goods you want to sell are covered. And the great thing about wholesalers in today’s market is that they don’t just work for the big boys anymore. Sure, they offer the best discounts on the orders that contain the most zeros, but no matter what size of your business, you should be able to source a good wholesaler to help you along.

Finding Wholesale Suppliers

But how? It used to be done through sheer diligence and determination, leafing through the Yellow Pages or Thomson Local, hoping to spot something that might be of use. And today… not much has changed. Because wholesaler suppliers don’t need much of an internet presence, if they can help it.

This is partly because wholesalers have their loyal customers, and they have a lot of them – they don’t need to advertise elsewhere because those who want to find them do so. It’s also because those loyal customers don’t want everyone knowing about their special wholesaler. After all, if that happened their products might suddenly have rather a lot of competition. So it’s all a bit hush-hush and secretive.

The thing with wholesalers is that the relationship between them and their customers is built up over a number of years – and a lot of it will be based on trust. It’s that trust that brings in new customers; word of mouth (as long as it won’t affect the seller’s business) is essential, as is local knowledge.

So that’s not to say that wholesale suppliers aren’t looking for new customers; far from it! It’s just that they search in a very different way to the large retailers. They want you to go to them, and they will not tell you how to get there (in a metaphorical sense; it’s fairly certain that if you phone them up, you’ll get directions if need be…).

How to find wholesale suppliers for your business – Next up: Stop Googling…

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