Get More Facebook Likes for Your Business Page – 7 Easy Tricks


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Facebook likes are quite possibly one of the hardest things to get hold of when it comes to social media marketing in business. While you can easily ramp up your Twitter or Instagram following just by chatting away, Facebook doesn’t make it all that easy. We should know! We have just started our Facebook page for Build-a-Business and we’re patiently waiting for those likes to rack up. (Saying that, fancy giving us a thumbs up and getting all our posts direct to your Facebook feed? You can do so here!) As we’re going through the same process at the moment, it only made sense for us to talk about getting more Facebook likes for your business page. Here are 7 easy tricks to do just that!

1. Friends and Family

Realistically, the first handful of likes are going to come from the people you know. Why? Because they’re the easiest ones to invite. As soon as your page has been completed, hit that ‘invite friends’ button. Pick the people you think are most likely to give you a thumbs up – and a few people you think probably just like everything that comes into their notifications. You’re not going to get hundreds of Facebook likes through this method, but it’s a good place to start.

2. Ask for Facebook Likes!

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Now that you have the backing of a few friends and family members, it’s time to reach out to everyone else on your list. Don’t spam your friends by sharing your page every single day, but a few times in the first few months of starting up should be enough. If you have any super supportive friends or family members then ask that they share from their end too. The more people asking for likes, the better the response.

Get more Facebook likes for your business page – Next up: Offers, contests and link dropping (everywhere!)

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