How to Sell on eBay – The Beginner’s Guide


How to sell on eBay - Beginners

eBay is a handy tool for decluttering your home and avoiding the dreaded landfill, but for some people, it’s also a great source of income. There are plenty of people who work full-time listing and selling on eBay. But how is it done? Here’s how to sell on eBay – the beginner’s guide.

Don’t use it? List it

You might have appreciated the £30 gift card for Waterstones but six months on it’s still sitting in your bedside cabinet gathering dust. List it instead to earn some cash. eBay charges a 35p insertion fee for every item listed, but list at the right time and you can list 20 things a month free of charge. Bear in mind though that 10% of the items final price, including postage, is taken from you by eBay by way of commission.

If you’re learning how to sell on eBay then getting rid of your clutter is a good place to start. It will also ensure that you start to learn the ropes and build up a feedback profile. This will put you in better standing with the site if you want to start selling on a more full-time basis.

How to sell on eBay – The Beginner’s Guide – Next up: Learn what sells and keywords…

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