How to Sell on eBay – The Beginner’s Guide


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LeBay Research by Terapeak Boosts Profitsearn what sells

Branded goods sell better than an unrecognised name as there is a perception that well-known items are better quality. Mobiles often command a better price on eBay than they would on phone buying sites, but do check on a price comparison tool first to see how much you’d get elsewhere.

Rare items like vintage car parts and Harry Potter 1st editions command a pretty penny, so if you’ve got any unusual items get them listed, and experiment. When learning how to sell on eBay you might be best off starting with the basics. However, as you progress, it’s fun to list some more unusual items you may have lying around. People have been known to sell the strangest things, including makeup samples and broken Gameboys. There’s a market for everything, so don’t discriminate if you’re looking to declutter.


Items sell much better if you put keywords in the title to help people find them. So if you have a Vivienne Westwood handbag, put it in the item listing. The word “authentic” sells items much more successfully than the word “genuine” so pop that in the title too. For example:

“Authentic Vivienne Westwood Handbag”

There are lists of the best-selling and worst selling eBay keywords all over the web, so take a look to boost your sales.
You can also check out similar listings to find the right words. Complete the search box and select “completed items” in the left-hand bar to see what’s been sold. Note down the keywords and incorporate them in your listing, but don’t nab the text or pictures.

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