How to Sell on eBay – The Beginner’s Guide


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How to Sell on eBay – 10 Top Tips

You’ve got your item and keywords so you’re ready to go, right? Well, eBay uses a feedback system that allows its users to rate each other for peace of mind. If you’ve got no feedback, try selling a few small items before listing what you really want to sell, and you’ll have better results. Here are some more top tips for those learning how to sell on eBay.

  • Be honest in your description and list all flaws
  • Keep starting prices low unless it’s a niche product to attract more buyers
  • Selling in season gets the best prices
  • Try international selling to increase viewers
  • Add pictures so customers know what they’re getting
  • Close auctions on a Sunday when eBay is at its busiest
  • Look into tax liabilities and legal rights when selling on eBay
  • Get proof of delivery to protect against dodgy buyers
  • Consider turning it into a full-time business by buying and selling stock (you can find good deals at wholesale suppliers)
  • Always go above and beyond for your customers, to get awesome feedback ratings

eBay is a wonderful way to bring in some extra cash. However, like we said, it can be a full-time job too. Once you’ve learnt the basics of how to sell on eBay, consider if it’s something you could see yourself doing more permanently. Who knows you might just be the next Del Boy…(Only hopefully with a lot less dodgy products).

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