How to Sell on Etsy – The Beginner’s Guide


How to sell on Etsy

Think you’ve come up with a cracking item to sell on Etsy but no idea where to start? Etsy is the perfect marketplace for handmade goods and unique oddities. However, if you have no idea where to start you could be pretty stuck. Here’s how to sell on Etsy – The Beginner’s Guide.

Think of a name

Choose any name you like, but it should reflect what you’re selling. Don’t panic, those lovely people at Etsy give you a chance to rename it. We recommend keeping it about 1-3 words, though, which increases the chance of making it memorable. This is the beginning of your brand, so think of something that reflects your store and your values. You can also use one of those fun name generators if you’re feeling lost for inspiration.

Make your shop pretty

You could design a logo, or if you’re not a designer-type outsource it on Fiverr or People Per Hour. In fact, you can find logo designers on Etsy itself sometimes! Just give the person you hire a heads up on colours and vision and get your brand out there. Get yourself a logo, a banner and some gorgeous business cards printed up. Perhaps even some stickers or tags for when you post the items too. The more things with your name on, the more likely people will remember.

How to sell on Etsy – The Beginner’s Guide – Next up: Make your items and take pictures…

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