How to Sell on Etsy – The Beginner’s Guide


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Make your items

Well, go on then! Or buy them from a wholesaler if you’re planning on reselling. Either way, make sure you’ve got some stock, or this venture isn’t going to go so well. Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you start making things. Health and safety is paramount ladies and gents! This means, don’t start making bath bombs without testing them first, for example.

Take lovely pictures

People want to know what you’re selling, so a picture of your item with a nice neutral background to showcase it is great. Keep props scarce. No-one wants to see a million things obscuring their view of the thing they’re trying to buy.

Top Tip: Head over to B&Q or Homebase and borrow some wallpaper or tile samples. You can then rest your products on something beautiful but neutral.

If you’ve got a DSLR great! Put the item in focus and turn the aperture up which will make the background nicely blurred. If you’ve not got a DSLR don’t worry, phone cam pics are just as good. Take a look at successful stores selling similar stock and see what their photos look like for some ideas.

How to sell on Etsy – The Beginner’s Guide – Next up: Listings, pricing and advertising…

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