How to Sell on Etsy – The Beginner’s Guide


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Create a prototype listing

Keep it simple. You may be keen to get selling, but you don’t want lots of listings offering a million colour options if you’re just starting out. Creating a prototype listing allows you to tweak your listing easily without being bogged down with amending loads of stuff. You can also a/b test with two different listings for the same product. Make them slightly different and keep an eye on their results. Which one does better? Keep that one and replicate for other products.


Pricing is the trickiest part of selling, especially if you’ve spent lots of time creating an item. Here’s the way we do it:

  • Calculate upfront costs, including materials and stock
  • Consider Etsy selling fees (15p a listing and 3.5% transaction fee). Ask a friend for a referral code for free listings for the both of you
  • What is the value of your time?

Add all of these costs together and you’ve got the means to work out how much you need to charge to make a profit. Look at your competitor’s pricing and undercut them slightly when you first get started to be competitive. Take notes of what sells and their keywords too!

How to Sell on Etsy Bonus Tip: Advertise

You don’t have to, but some people promote their Etsy shop. You can push items directly in Etsy to show above other sellers items, or create some Google ads for your items. Or how about a sponsored post on Twitter? Alternatively, create a Facebook page for your shop and pay for a promoted Facebook post linking back to your Etsy shop to generate interest. You will find that social media is full of Etsy sellers trying to get their products seen, so make sure you’ve got your social media marketing tactics down first.

Learning how to sell on Etsy doesn’t need to be difficult, but it is going to be trial and error to start with. Keep testing the waters and you’ll soon get the hang of things! We wish you the best of luck in your new Etsy business.

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