Sites Like Fiverr (but better) to Sell Your Services




We’ve found PeoplePerHour is an excellent place to sell your services, particularly if you’re in the UK or US; there are very few freelancers from other countries. You can also set up an ‘hourlie’ which is a really quick way to sell a service you provide. For example, 500 words of blog content, delivered in a day, for £25. A bit like Fiverr! On the downside, this means that their job listing board is sometimes sparse, as clients tend to browse through hourlies as opposed to listing a job.

The fees are a little better than Odesk fees too. At PeoplePerHour you’ll be charged 15% (excluding VAT) on the first £375 you make in a month. Anything after that amount is charged at 5% (excluding VAT). This definitely makes it easier to keep fee costs low as a seller, as long as you can hit that £375 every month. As long as you build up a good feedback profile and improve your CERT (their ranking system) then it should be easy to bring in that much work on a monthly basis. Just try to time your invoices so that you don’t get stung at the beginning of the month!

Overall, PeoplePerHour seems like a really good place to sell your services using their hourlie format. Just don’t expect as many job listings as Odesk!

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