Sites Like Fiverr (but better) to Sell Your Services




Run a creative business? Then you may want to consider Etsy as a marketplace to sell services. Many people overlook this as an option yet buyers are actively seeking things like graphic design on Etsy! In fact, we know a few people who have got their wedding invitation designs on there. As it’s not completely dominated by service sellers, you may find that there is less competition in your niche. Of course, you can’t sell SEO services to Etsy buyers, but there is a marketplace here for creative sellers.

The biggest drawback is that you’re quite limited in what you can sell her. Invitations and wedding stationery designs seem to work quite well. A lot of bloggers turn to Etsy for web design too! However, we’d definitely recommend using this alongside another freelancing site if you want to maximise your earning potential. As for fees, it’s a 15p listing fee (well, $.20) and a 3.5% transaction fee. You’ll also be charged 20p and 4% for processing payments. Still, it seems to work out a little cheaper than UpWork (no surprises there). It does mean you need to pay for every new listing, however, as they only last four months.

Overall, Etsy is a good ‘extra’ for those in a creative industry. Just make sure you know how to make it worth your while before investing your time!

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