How to Set up a Business Website – The Beginner’s Guide


Business website

A website is the headquarters of your business in the digital marketplace. In a world that is increasingly becoming connected online, ignoring the need for a website puts you on a singular path to failure. So, what can you do about your lack of online presence? Read on for a comprehensive guide to setting up a business website.

Ask Yourself Why? – The Purpose

While it sure is clear why your business needs a website in a digital economy, it might be a good idea to at least break it down and analyse why. It may also be to your benefit to set out a plan about how your website will operate in relation to your business.

If your products and business models change regularly to reflect market conditions, your website needs to update in-step with that. Alternatively, if your business is built around a service or product that rarely goes through any radical change, your website can mostly remain static and won’t require much upkeep.

If regular updating is appropriate for your business, it might be best to look into the best website builders for small business. These website builders help streamline the process of creation and updating into as simple a form as possible. That means you can rapidly change the content of the website through a user-friendly interface.

Ask Yourself How? – Domain and Hosting

In construction terms, your web hosting is the central pillar that holds the rest of the skyscraper up. Effectively, you purchase the limited rights to the domain name of your choice, on various addresses like .com,, .net, and so on. These addresses may vary in price, with .com usually being the most expensive on domain hosting services.

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If you can afford it, and if they are available, it may be wise to buy up all the primary addresses as to fully control the domain name. You don’t want customers accidentally going to a different business with the same name by going to .com instead of

When choosing your domain hosting, it’s best to remember not all hosts are equal. You ideally want a web hosting service that has high reliability, excellent customer service, and reasonable rates. Reliability is critical, as a service with servers that routinely go down is terrible for your business website as it limits access, and customers may never return when the servers are working again.

Some people also opt to get their domain name and hosting from different suppliers. This is also an option and could also reduce the cost (unless your hosting provider offers a free domain name).

How to set up a business website – The beginner’s guide – Next up: Building your site & quality control…

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